Review: TTPlayer – There’s a Cinema in My Pocket

Review: TTPlayer – There’s a Cinema in My Pocket

If there’s one thing that owners of iPhones and iPads love to do with their device it’s to watch videos and movies. With the great screen, and fast CPU’s and GPU’s built into their devices, videos run like a dream. But what if you have a collection of movies that aren’t in the format the iOS video player requires? Sure we used to have VLC in the App Store, but that’s been pulled, what can you use? Jung Disk brings us their solutions, TTPlayer for the iPhone, and TTPlayer HD for the iPad.


TTPlayer allows you to play any of the following format video files on your iOS device: MKV, AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG, MP4, MOV, M4V, SML and SRT. You can load files into the app through a built in web server. Just load the address of the device, (provided on screen when in server mode,) into your computer’s web browser, and you can upload any of the video files on your PC or Mac via WiFi to your iOS device. Files can also be loaded via USB by using iTunes. (The USB method is faster, but the WiFi transfer of files was speedy, and consistent.)

During playback, settings can be changed via on screen quick menus. You can also fast forward, rewind, speed up or slow down video play via finger gestures. Double-tapping the screen cycles your video playback view through the different viewing options.

The built-in file explorer allows you to load video files for playback, move, rename and delete files, and create folders. It did take some exploration to discover how to delete more than one file at a time.

I loaded various format files onto both my iPhone 4S and my latest model iPad via WiFi. All the file uploads over my wireless network were smooth and consistent, with no errors. Once on the devices, the file explorer allowed me to select a file for playing.

After loading into the player, all the videos I attempted to play worked without stuttering, skipping, or any other playback related problems. I played everything from 30 second “trailers” up to full-length productions like the recent Harold and Kumar movie, and all videos played cleanly and easily.

The app claims to be able to provide audio effects, such as Cinema ,Stadium, and Room. I tried all the different settings, and failed to notice a discernible difference among any of the options. This was both through the built-in speakers on the iPhone and iPad, and through earbud headphones. The differences may be more noticeable through larger, or higher-range headphones.


TTPlayer does a fine job of accomplishing the task it was created for, easily playing various video formats with out having to convert them to a format that the iOS video player would understand. File transfer is easy to accomplish, and can be done in 2 ways, both efficient and trouble-free.

The interface is nicely laid out, and after about 5 minutes of using the app I was able to navigate the menu and playback options quickly and easily. I liked the ability to change the playback screen format on the fly simply by double-tapping the screen.

TTPlayer is worth the visit to the App Store to download it and try it out. I’ll be keeping it on my device for the near future. It does the job it was programmed to do, and that’s a good thing.

TTPlayer for the iPhone is immediately available in the App Store. (Currently Free (Normally $2.99) – App Store Link)

TTPlayer HD for the iPad is immediately available in the App Store. (Currently Free (Normally $2.99) – App Store Link)

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]


  • Controls are intuitive and easy to learn.
  • File transfer is fast and easy, either via USB, or wireless.
  • Playback is clean and stutter and skip free.


  • Why isn’t it a Universal App?
  • Group delete of files could be more intuitive.