Review: Wireless Leash Plus by ZOMM

Review: Wireless Leash Plus by ZOMM

I woke up, suddenly realizing I snoozed the alarm one too many times.  In a rush, going through the morning routine seems second nature: shower; shave; teeth; dress… Weaving through traffic to make up time, I could not even spare a second to choose my favorite Pandora station.  After sliding into a spot just before my boss entered the parking lot, I took a calm breathe – it’s gonna be a great day – I made it just in time! … but, ummm where is my iPhone! I lose.  In the rush, I completely forgot to grab it off the nightstand before running out.

ZOMM For The Win

Thanks to the cleverly minded folks at ZOMM, there is a solution to forgetfulness!  In an effort to ensure no one goes without their iPhone, ZOMM created the Wireless Leash Plus for the absent minded.  About the diameter of a $.50 piece and as slim as an iPhone, the key fob connects to an iPhone using Bluetooth and is “alarmingly smart!”  When the iPhone and Leash are separated, by a user defined distance, the ZOMM sounds a friendly alarm to remind the holder to go back for the iPhone.  On the flip side, in the event you run off without your ZOMM, an iOS Notification will pop-up and sound an alarm, alerting you of your forgetful ways. Perfectly genius.


ZOMM’s high quality standard was apparent from the moment I opened the shipping package to discover an excellently crafted retail box – the packaging alone intrigues the senses.  …and this detail is not be be overlooked.  Having completed reviews for many companies, it is clear which ones go the extra mile to ensure an excellent customer experience, even down to the box. So, yes, often you can judge a book by its cover.

The perfect size, ZOMM rests indiscriminately on a keychain waiting to be of service.  Boasting a speaker, microphone, vibrator, a button, and LED lights, there are plenty of ways to interact with ZOMM and for it to get your attention.  While the design is quite simple, the functionality is amazing.


Getting up and running is a painless process, as ZOMM simply utilizes the iPhone’s built in Bluetooth pairing system.*  However, if you are unfamiliar with the process, head to ZOMM’s extensive user education library.

Without downloading the desktop software, the Leash can be completely setup and manipulated with the free myZOMM app.  Using only the myZOMM app, the user can control the volume level of the alerts and activate the find-my-ZOMM feature, which is titled “Call Notification.”  Call Notification sends a signal to the ZOMM, sounding an alarm until manually ended, which is perfect when the car keys get crammed behind the couch cushion.  In addition, the panic alarm can be turned on and off in the settings menu.  If you prefer to control all of these functions individually, there is an option to create your own presets and give them individual profile names.

The Leash radius can be set in-app as either “short” or “long” and the ZOMM will vibrate, flash and sounds an alarm when separated from the paired iPhone.  In addition to distance, obstructions will also cause the Bluetooth pairing to terminate at different distances.  There is a general range of 30-120ft depending on the radius setting and physical barriers.

Additional features of the ZOMM include the ability to use the key fob as a wireless and hands-free way to place and manage calls.  Using the fob as a way to place calls works the same as a Bluetooth headset; the controls are very simple and made possible via the “Z” button.  When ZOMM is paired, it will also project your iPhone ringer, allowing you to answer the call from the fob or pocket mail (force to voicemail) the inbound call.  In addition, it allows a current call to be transferred to the ZOMM. Moreover, the fob can also make one touch emergency calls (default USA 911) or be changed to any emergency number utilizing the desktop software.

Just when you thought the list of features was exhausted, ZOMM will geo-tag items when a picture is taken, utilizing the GPS information in the iPhone’s camera.  For example, you visit a part of town of which you are not familiar.  Before running away from your car, snap a picture of it!  ZOMM will utilize the GPS information to denote the location.  When you want to return, simply open the myZOMM app and tap the picture of your vehicle to reveal a map that will guide you back!

There is also a second version available, the ZOMM Wireless Leash, that does not currently work with the myZOMM app, but is easily customized using the desktop client. …and just incase you were wondering, ZOMM also plays nice with Androids and other Bluetooth enabled phones.

For a video presentation of functionality, please view the ZOMM featurette below.  The full press release is also viewable.

Conclusion [rating 5/5]

The list of excellent features is exhaustive for such a small, simple and superior device.  Not only are there many options and different ways to use the device, but all of the features are flawlessly executed.  I cannot ask anything of ZOMM it does not already employ.  The ZOMM Leash Plus ($89.99, Order Page) is creatively fulfilling a niche market for iPhone accessories and I look for it to become a major accessory contender in the future.  …Now, do you still think I am crazy for judging a book by its cover?

What’s in the Box?

  • ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus
  • Quick setup guide
  • ZOMM keychain
  • USB charging and data sync cable
  • AC adapter


  • Simple, small, effective
  • Never forget your keys again!
  • Rechargeable battery lasts from 4-6 days
  • Answer calls, hands-free
  • Once touch emergency dial
  • Free companion app and desktop client
  • Excellent price
  • Add additional Concierge Services!
  • Works with multiple platforms


  • ?

Video Demonstration

*NOTE: as with all Bluetooth accessories, continuously running the radio will decrease battery life