Run Out Space On Your New iPad? Pogoplug Is The Solution

Run Out Space On Your New iPad? Pogoplug Is The Solution

One of most common reasons for new iPad returns is that people have regretted getting the 16GB version instead of the 32GB or 64GB. With the ever increasing sizes of apps, you need a considerable amount of space to accommodate them, and with your music and videos, this eventually gets impossible. However I’ve found a way around this that works for me.

While Pogoplug┬áis perhaps better known for it’s software that can install on your PC to create a cloud server, it also has servers of it’s own, and you can pay a very affordable monthly fee to buy storage. The first 5GB are free, but let’s be realistic, who has a music and video collection that’s smaller than that? You’re really looking at at least 10GB if not more, but Pogoplug have plans that cater for everyone.

You can get 30GB for $4.95 a month, and if you really have a lot of music or HD movies, you can get 100GB or even 1000GB. So what’s the big deal? Plans and services like this are nothing new.

The second part of the solution is the Pogoplug iOS app, which is simple and easy to use and allows you to stream anything that’s in your cloud to your iDevice. There is an app for both iPhone and iPad, and it will connect to your cloud over 3G/4G or WiFi.

The next thing that’s so great about this is that, for music at least, it doesn’t stop or take very long to load, even with quite a weak 3G signal. However, one thing to be weary of when using 3G is that you have an unlimited plan, as costs could get quite high if you’re limited to a certain number of GB per month.

If you are struggling for space on your iPad, I would seriously recommend you try this out. Delete everything that isn’t apps from your device, upload them to the cloud, and then stream them through the app, leaving you, in theory plenty of space for apps (depending on how many you have).

Last thing to note is that this isn’t an iCloud copy. They are both different services. While one is for syncing your devices wirelessly and backing data up, Pogoplug is a storage and streaming solution that can also, if you wish, backup your data. So by all means, use both.