Why Every Small Business Needs an iPad

Why Every Small Business Needs an iPad

Running a business through a smartphone or tablet device is quickly becoming the way to do things for savvy small business owners. Some may purchase the devices for the “cool factor”, but many are finding that the increased productivity and efficiency from using the devices are a pleasant surprise.

The Street’s Laurie Kulikowski talked with Mike Pugh, VP of Marketing at j2 Global about why every small business needs an iPad:

For small-business owners reluctant to use tablets and smartphones for tasks simple and complex, now — with the imminent release of the Apple iPad 3 — may be the time to get aboard. (Apple is expected to announce the new version Wednesday.)

It’s clear the iPad and exploding app marketplace are useful small-business tools, says Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing at j2 Global. The company makes apps for cloud-based communications and storage messaging.

Laurie asked Pugh why business owners should embrace mobile technology such as the iPad.

“To be able to do more business. [With instruments such as the iPad] they have the flexibility to do business on their own terms. You can do product demos and take it out onto the retail floor or meet in a conference room and have a very well-designed reference of product data. You can show images, show videos, drill down to find information in real time. It gives the customer confidence that the questions can be answered well and on the spot.

“One of the benefits is the battery life. Many of us use computers and have been stuck in meetings where our batteries drop off. The iPad was the first non-phone to keep with them all day long knowing it would not drop off on them. And if you’re going to rely upon a business tool it has to be there when you need it in order to be truly mobile.

“Being able to do what you want to do anywhere, anytime has value you can’t envision until you do it.”