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Apple Stores Outperform the Average Retailer 17-to-1!

Apple Stores Outperform the Average Retailer 17-to-1!

Apple’s retail program has been wildly successful ever since it was devised, making massive waves in the retail industry along the way. In fact, Apple’s mobile register-free sales system (driven by iPod touches and iPads, of course), has caught on at other retailers, such as Lowes.

Apple’s immense growth and success in the retail world is nothing short of stunning, but the latest numbers are more impressive that anyone could really expect, running circles around other retailers in an incredible manner.

According to the latest data from RetailSales, Apple’s retail branch is dominating the competition in a serious way, with the average Apple Store driving 17 times better sales performance than an average retail store (and twice the performance of the #2 retailer, Tiffany’s)!

Asymco reports (via 9to5Mac):

Thanks to RetailSails we have some data on retailers in the US which can be used to calibrate the performance of Apple retail. […] The data shows Apple leading by a significant margin. It’s more than twice as efficient as the second place Tiffany and Co. It’s also more than seven times the median of the top 20 and seventeen times better than the average mall retail space.

Besides leading the pack in overall retail performance, Apple also dominates by a significant margin in  year-over-year growth, once again serving as a nod in Apple’s direction in praise of their retail store, and the approach that the retail experience is a crucial element to success.

Steve Jobs and former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson worked closely together in devising what they thought would be the best retail system possible for Apple – and Apple’s retail branch has proven to be outrageously successful ever since.

Personally, I love visiting the Apple Store – and that’s not something I can say of any other store I’ve ever visited. It is an experience in itself.