How Apple Created OS X

How Apple Created OS X

Among Apple’s many intriguing designs over the years, Mac OS is perhaps the most iconic (or at least the most well-known). But how did we arrive at OS X – today’s highly modernized counterpart to a simple yet revolutionary platform originally called “Macintosh System Software”?

Graham Barlow of TechRadar takes us on a fantastic and eye-opening journey starting at Apple’s decision to abandon Mac OS Classic (Mac OS 9) and start over from scratch, to the creation of the first version of OS X, and how it evolved into the current release of OS X 10.7 Lion.

OS X is full of little design touches that have redefined what people expect from a personal computer, and which complement Apple hardware…Join us as we explore the world’s most beautiful operating system and find out how Apple created it.

The article is chock full of interesting design and functional nuggets that formed the “character” of each release of OS X. I highly recommend giving it a read!

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