iOSLiveTV: Free Premium TV for Your iOS Device

iOSLiveTV: Free Premium TV for Your iOS Device

To be filed under the headings of “Too Good to Last”, and “Get it While You Can”, iOSLive brings free premium and broadcast television channels to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Cult of Mac reports that is a web based TV service that allows you to watch premium and free network TV channels on your iOS device, completely free of charge. It offers a load of channels, and has AirPlay support, so you can also play it on your Apple TV.

The service allows watching most major TV stations from the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Italy. This also includes the “premium” channels you’d normally require a cable package subscription for, like Showtime and Cinemax in the U.S., or Sky Sports in the U.K.

Anywhere you have an internet connection, just visit in your mobile Safari browser, and then select your country, then the station you want to view.

In most cases, the streaming was smooth and trouble-free, although there were a few channels, Showtime Extreme was one, that did jitter and jump during playback. Some channels refused to stream. Which is to be expected with a web app such as this.

AirPlay worked great with my 2nd generation Apple TV. Everything played smoothly on my television.

Just for fun, I tried the site in the Safari browser on my MacBook Pro. It worked perfectly.

This service is too good to be allowed to live much longer, so get online and check it out. I figure the over/under for the site being required to pull at least the premium channels down is 24 hours. Check it out while you can.

At the time of this article the service was still online.