iPhone 4S Launches on 5 New Regional U.S. Carriers

iPhone 4S Launches on 5 New Regional U.S. Carriers

The iPhone 4S launched today on 5 additional U.S. wireless carriers. These carriers serve customers in specific (and generally more rural) areas, and offer a $50 discount on the 4S compared to large carriers such as AT&T and Verizon.

In addition to offering the 4S at a discount, each carrier will also offer the iPhone 4 for $99. The 5 new carriers in today’s rollout, and the regions that they serve (list via CultofMac), are:

The new iPhone carriers join a pair of regional carriers who launched the iPhone earlier this month, and several regional carriers who began offering the iPhone at earlier times.

T-Mobile remains as the only major U.S. carrier not to offer the iPhone, despite Apple offering the device to tons of small regional carriers (although this is mainly due to T-Mobile’s use of a 3G network that the iPhone is not compatible with).

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    Why is the image a 3gs lol

    1. Fixed it for ya! Thanks for pointing that out!

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