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Isaacson: ‘Tim Cook Will Settle Apple’s Android Dispute’

Isaacson: ‘Tim Cook Will Settle Apple’s Android Dispute’

Walter Isaacson, author of last year’s bestselling biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, says that Apple’s “less emotional” new boss Tim Cook is likely to settle a dispute with Google over the Android mobile operating system.

Digital Spy via MacDailyNews:

In a revealing interview this week, Isaacson also suggested that Apple will attempt to revolutionize the television and digital photography industries over the next few years.

He further claimed that Jobs will ultimately be held up alongside the great inventors, such as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Speaking at London’s Royal Institution yesterday evening, Isaacson talked about Jobs’ “petulance” and his “exuberance”. In his autobiography of the Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, Isaacson told of how the creator of the iPhone and iPad had threatened to “destroy” Google’s Android for allegedly copying Apple’s iOS. PC Advisor quoted Isaacson as saying the following:

Steve was furious hen he saw Microsoft stealing the Mac OS interface and licensing it to every PC maker who paid for it. So when Google licensed its Android mobile operating system so promiscuously to junkie handset makers he was determined to act.

Steve said to Google ‘You can’t pay me off. I’m here to destroy you’. But Tim Cook will settle that lawsuit. He’s a lot less emotional about business than Steve.

Isaacson described Jobs as “the most intense, emotionally charged person you could ever meet. Steve wasn’t kind. He was brutally honest. But he was intensely emotional and cried many times when we talked.”

Isaacson also believes that in 100 years Jobs will rank among the great inventors, alongside Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. “Computers, music, desktop and digital publishing, retail stores, telephones and digital animation, were all changed forever by Steve Jobs.”