Just How Big is Apple? (Infographic)

Just How Big is Apple? (Infographic)

There’s no disputing the fact that Apple is huge, but it can be useful to put the matter into perspective – just how big is Apple? This intriguing infographic can help put it all into perspective. Check it out below (click to expand)!

Just how big is Apple?


  1. Tim Cook Invests in $399 Water-Efficient Shower Head Startup
  2. San Francisco High School Principal Runs Down Suspected iPad Thief
  3. Apple Releases iOS 10 Golden Master to Public Beta Testers
  4. Apple Gives Developers the Go-Ahead to Submit 64-Bit Apps for the iPhone 5s
  5. Report: Apple and Google Partner to Bid $500M for Kodak Patents
  6. Report: Scott Forstall’s Firing Met With ‘Quiet Jubilation’
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