Make Your Own Angry Birds, Origami Style!

Make Your Own Angry Birds, Origami Style!

Do you love killing evil green green pigs by shooting birds from a slingshot? Do you already own an Angry Birds t-shirt, baseball cap, and winter hat (and perhaps a few plush toys)? Now you can make an Angry Birds accessory of your very own – origami Angry Birds!

Maybe by folding your own angry bird and decorating the bedside table, the awfully greenish pigs will stop haunting your dreams – it’s worth a (sling)shot, right? Adrian over at Little Plastic Man is the guy to turn to when you’re in need of papercraft Angry Birds awesomeness.

Yes. That’s right. Angry Birds are now available as Origami Birds. Visit The Little Plastic Man website, print out your favorite bird and fold that bird from beak to toe! If you’re looking for a preview, check out this Black Bird Origami set.

And if you for some reason don’t visit the land of birds and pigs at night, there is still a good reason to show some papercraft skills. I’ve already got two yellow birds and on red one – it’s a whole new addiction!

Technically these are papercraft and not origami, but still – pretty cool stuff!