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New 3rd-Gen iPad Also Facing 3G Connectivity Issues

New 3rd-Gen iPad Also Facing 3G Connectivity Issues

Earlier this week, we told you about Apple’s actions to help users who were having Wifi issues with their new iPads. Now, there are reports in Apple’s Support Forums of user’s having problems staying connected to a 3G signal when 4G isn’t available.


There is an ever growing contingent of users on the Apple Support Forums who are reporting issues with their new iPad having some serious problems keeping a strong connection on 3G, as pointed out by AppleInsider. The general consensus is that the LTE capable device loses its connection and will not re-establish one until the device is given a hard reset.

It seems that most of the new iPad owners with issues are international users trying to connect to 3G in areas where 4G LTE is not available. It seems the device is trying to find a 4G LTE connection, and when it can’t, it just drops the connection altogether.

The countries where most of the issues are being reported are Austria, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Spain, and Italy. A few users from the United States are experiencing the issue as well.

Apple has not announced a permanent solution. If your connection drops, restarting your device is reported to help. Some users are reporting having to do this up to four and five times a day. A unsatisfactory solution to say the least.

MacTrast will continue to monitor the situation, and will report any future developments.