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Nokia Belittles the iPhone in New ‘Beta Test’ Ad Campaign

Nokia Belittles the iPhone in New ‘Beta Test’ Ad Campaign

With AT&T touting the upcoming Lumia 900 Windows Phone 7 smartphone as the next “iPhone killer,” iMore notes that Nokia has launched a new ad campaign slamming the iPhone for having reception issues, being fragile, and having “poor outdoor display quality.”

The campaign is called Smartphone Beta Test, and features a series of mock video clips claiming to describe the development process of the iPhone, comically (and falsely) claiming that iPhone owners are simply beta testers intended to find faults with the hardware.

While other manufacturers, most notable Samsung, have used similar tactics in their campaigns against the iPhone, the main ideas behind Nokia’s campaign just seem stagnant. It could be said that users of any device are simply “beta testers,” as I have yet to use a perfect and flawless device from any manufacturer.

No matter how incredible the Nokia Lumia 900 is when it is released, using tactics like these is just juvenile. I frequently find it comical that Apple’s competition always fails to advertise their products for their own merits, but instead compare them to Apple’s products.

If you have to compare your products to Apple’s to get your point across, who’s really winning? Apple. Nokia, it’s nice that you think the Lumia 900 is the best thing since sliced bread, but can you please just tell us why we should buy it instead of telling us why we shouldn’t buy an iPhone?