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Review: Fibble Flick ‘n’ Roll by Crytek – A Delightful New Physics Puzzler for iOS

Review: Fibble Flick ‘n’ Roll by Crytek – A Delightful New Physics Puzzler for iOS

There are a good number of physics-based puzzlers on the app store with great gameplay which require you to strategically plan your way through a certain level, but very few of these puzzlers focus on the graphics or animation. Developer Crytek, known for such games as Far Cry and Crysis, steps into the iOS gaming scene with their new venture, Fibble ($1.99, App Store Link).


In the game, you play as Fibble, a brave and curious explorer from another planet who crash-lands in a suburban home. Fibble becomes separated from his  friends after the crash, so he decides to go explore this house and start searching for them, then eventually find their way out.

With the help of Fibble’s friends, Fibble must roll through 4 unique environments within the house. These four different rooms; the kids’ room, bathroom, kitchen, and basement contain a total of 30 beautifully designed levels. All 30 levels can be unlocked through an in-app purchase if you choose to do so.

Fibble’s five friends’ who help him along his journey through the house are Vroom, Docto, Ragno, Klonk, and Byte. Each of these aliens has their own specific ability. For instance, Vroom can give Fibble a speed boost throughout a level if Fibble stalls a bit. If you run into Docto, he’ll launch you in any direction. Ragno can launch Fibble across big gaps and otherwise inaccessible areas throughout the level.

Each of these aliens have to be strategically placed, or else Fibble will get stuck and you’ll eventually have to start the level over again. Throughout each stage, there are coins and stars to collect to unlock more levels as well as a key to unlock bonus levels, though these can alos be unlocked with IAP.


The controls in Fibble are pretty self explanatory to the title of the game, fick ‘n’ roll. Once you start a level, you swipe to pull back and launch Fibble in any direction. You control Fibble to roll in any direction with the accelerometer, then when Fibble in close to any of his friends, you just press anywhere on the screen to activate that alien’s ability. You can also zoom in and out in the game to pan around the level. For me, this became helpful to search for the hidden key to unlock the bonus level.


The graphics of Fibble are something that the developers at Crytek really concentrated on, as they do with their console games. There’s so much detail in each level as well as the cutscenes. Especially if you’re playing on a retina display such as  the iPhone 4S or the new iPad it really stands out.

There’s a lot of attention to detail in all the characters and the assets in each level alike. Fibble has some of the most vibrant graphics, thanks to Crytek. If you’re playing Fibble HD on the new iPad, it  shows off the beauty of the game even more so.


Crytek really hit it out of the park with their first approach to iOS gaming. Fibble is a great physics-based puzzler with enough gameplay to satisfy the hardcore or casual gamer. Most of the levels are a bit easy and you may find yourself completing the game in a short amount of time if you just go through the level without collecting all the stars or trying to find the hidden key for the bonus levels. I found myself getting stuck on one of the later levels. Some levels seem to take more strategy to get through than others.

Fibble has some of the best graphics, and especially the cutscenes for both the iPhone and iPad. For the more novice player the controls might take some getting used to, but overall, considering that Fibble is a solid puzzler, and Crytek’s first iOS offering, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

Price: ($1.99, App Store Link) ($4.99, iPad HD version, App Store Link)

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]


  • Great graphics and cutscenes
  • Easy to play, yet challenging at some levels


  • Controls may take some getting used to