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Review: MacScan – Protect Your Mac from Malware and Privacy Threats

Review: MacScan – Protect Your Mac from Malware and Privacy Threats

Even though the Mac seems to be like a strong brick wall, protected and safe from malware and viruses, sometimes it’s good to check if that actually is the case, and that you actually are fully free from evil infections on your Mac. Today I’m reviewing MacScan, a tool that will help make sure you are protected ($40, download).


MacScan is a tool (free as a trial then $40) which searches your Mac for malware and privacy threats. It detects over 10000 blacklisted cookies, cleans up your internet clutter and you can easily schedule scans. The best of all? They are providing free technical support, without any need of contract fees or costs.

Starting the app

When you start the app you get the option to run it in “authenticated” mode, which will enable the app to search and edit or delete even files with restricted permissions.


MacScan is very easy and simple to use. With a good and straightforward interface it is hard to miss the obvious “Scan” button which will start the magic. I tried out MacScan just a month after I bought my MacBook Air, which made med very confident that I wouldn’t experience any findings of malware or spyware in the scan I did. I’m lucky I didn’t put any money on it. I found 15 spyware straight away, on the first search, and MacScan helped me to delete them in the blink of an eye.

The scan itself only took a few minutes (having in mind my MacBook Air has got an SSD drive and that I haven’t packed it full with stuff) and it was very simple to use. On top of the scanning function itself, the app is providing us with a great database that can display longer informative texts about spyware.


Rating: 4/5[rating:4]

All in all, this app is incredible. It is free as a trial for a short time (then $40), and as far as I know, it is definitely doing the job well. I was not at all aware of that my Mac was infected by 15 spywares after just 4 weeks of usage, and I am very happy to have discovered MacScan. It has a place in my dock now, and it will stay there.


  • It is very simple to use
  • Detects and removes spyware easily
  • Has got a great technical support


  • It is difficult for me to judge if the app is working well on “really infected” Macs, since my Mac is so new

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