Review: Rain Of Needles – A Traditional Arcade Game For IOS

Review: Rain Of Needles – A Traditional Arcade Game For IOS

Many arcade games for iOS have bells and whistles, great graphics, gameplay, and so forth. But sometimes you just want something simple and casual; a game that anyone can relate to. Rain of Needles ($0.99, App Store Link) is just that – a simple arcade game in which you control a ball and you have to stay alive and dodge needles for as long as possible with the help of crystals to slow down and destroy needles.


With its familiar gameplay, you control the ball and avoid the rain needles for as long as you can. Throughout the game, there are crystals you can collect; either blue or red. The red crystals are used to collect the needles. You don’t have to roll the ball around the map to collect the needles. They just disappear from the map. The blue crystals are used to slow the needles down. In Rain of Needles, the only way score is kept is by how long you last during each game played.

It would have been a nice addition to have points for whenever you collect crystals just to add to the gameplay. It is supposed to be a simple game with one goal, but sometimes you want something more if you want a different challenge. A few different game modes would be good to have besides the one that’s already there. Even though Rain of Needles may lack more gameplay for the more hardcore gamer, it’s still an addicting game and it does its job by being a simple arcade game anyone can pick up and play.


The controls in Rain of Needles are pretty easy to get used to. All you have to do is use the accelerometer to direct the ball around the map.  If you prefer you can also use the directional pad on the screen. They both work well. I didn’t experience any lag, although it just felt awkward being left handed to use the directional pad. If they just had the option to move the directional pad to the left, I think I would use it more than the accelerometer. Other than that, being an arcade game, an on-screen joystick rather than the directional pad would have been better to direct the ball diagonally.


The soundtrack in Rain of Needles fits really well with the gameplay. The music keeps you concentrated on the gameplay and is relaxing at the same time to go with the whole theme of having a simple arcade game. The soundtrack is really catchy, maybe a little repetitive, but good nonetheless. There aren’t any sound effects either but no bells and whistles needed here, which is a good thing in this case.


Overall Rain of Needles is a fun arcade game for anyone of any skill level to pick up and play. The gameplay is as traditional as it comes. It’s addicting and at the same time simple. The controls are just as easy to pick up on. The accelerometer is perfect for a game such as Rain of Needles. The directional pad is alight if you prefer using it but it may be uncomfortable if you’re left handed. Rain of Needles does not have any scoring to it other than the timer. Some other scoring would be nice to have for something more challenging, but Rain of Needles still is a solid arcade game nonetheless.

Price: ($0.99, App Store Link)

Rating: 3.5/5[rating:3.5]


  • Simple gameplay
  • Nice soundtrack


  • Directional buttons can be redone or give the option for a joystick
  • A few more game modes would be a nice addition