Review: Taxi INT by BeSoft – Taxi Service Directory for iPhone

Review: Taxi INT by BeSoft – Taxi Service Directory for iPhone

Stranded out on the town with no way to get home? Pick up Taxi INT and never leave home without quick access to your favorite taxi service.  Traveling abroad? – no problem, Taxi INT boasts an international directory.  Taxi INT by BeSoft makes looking up a quick ride user friendly, but at $1.99, is it worth it?

Design and Function

Taxi INT is uses geographic location to determine the available taxi services in the area.  I live in a small town near the capital city in my state.  Just using the geo-location look up, the app didn’t find any taxi services in my area, even though I am less than 10 miles from the capital city limits.  After looking up the larger city manually, I was presented with many options.

Additional features include a built in map, call log, and international list.  The map, shows a current street address, which is convenient when calling a taxi to meet you in a location with which you are unfamiliar.   The call log keeps track of the previous taxi services called from within the app, giving quick reference next time you are trying to remember which to choose.  And, finally, the international taxi list keeps a running list of taxis across the world.  The list must be very large, as the app is over 70MB, which will also prevent you from downloading it on a cellular network.  So, literally, don’t leave home without it.

After you’ve picked your service, use Taxi INT to leave notes for other users and even post a successful taxi ride on Twitter or Facebook.


Conclusion [rating: 3.5/5]

Taxi INT ($1.99, App Store) is a bit pricy for a phone directory, but does integrate other features for convenience.  If you particularly enjoy the options, try the free version (App Store) first.  The only difference in the two versions is the free version will only list up to 5 taxi services in any given location; however, the app does simplify the process of looking up a taxi.  Without Taxi INT, the following steps and apps would be needed to perform similar functions: Safari Google search for taxis; Google Maps app for current location; Phone app for recent or placed calls; and, Twitter or Facebook to share the experience.  If you prefer a one stop shop, hail Taxi INT as your ride.


  • Uses geographic location to suggest area taxi services
  • Contains international list
  • View user ratings
  • Share experience via social networks


  • 70MB prevents cellular network downloads
  • Will not suggest local taxis in adjacent cities based on location –  manual look-up is required