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Review: The Call of Sedona Lite – Your Portable Meditation Guide for iOS

Review: The Call of Sedona Lite – Your Portable Meditation Guide for iOS

In today’s hectic world, everyone needs to be able to unwind and relax. When do you find time to do so? Where and when can you do it? What if you only have a couple of hours between appointments, or the 20 minutes before dinner is ready? Infinity Brain LLC is looking to help with their app, “The Call of Sedona Lite“.


Even though I live only a few hours from Sedona, Arizona, and have visited there multiple times to enjoy the scenery and commune with the desert, I can’t always take the time to visit when I’d like. How could I enjoy the peace and quiet of Sedona, along with it’s beautiful scenery, in small calming doses? When I heard about this app, it looked like the answer to my problems, so I volunteered to review it.

The publisher says the app is “a captivating meditation guide full of stunning images and multimedia experiences.” The app is based on Ilchi Lee’s best-selling book “The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart”.

The app is designed to offer guidance to those seeking to connect to their inner selves and nature, by experiencing Sedona without ever stepping foot on its soil. Does it work?

This Lite version offers guided meditation using images and music, quotes taken from the book the app is based on, scenery videos, a video reading of ‘Sedona Message’, and 2 interviews with author Ilchi Lee. There is also a paid version available in the App Store for $2.99.

The iPhone and iPad versions are both included in this universal app. Both versions are identical, with the iPad version appearing to simply be an enlarged version of the iPhone app.

I first decided to try “Vortex Meditations”. The only option available in this section is “Bell Rock – Energy Healing Activation”. This screen gives you information about Bell Rock in Sedona, overlaid onto a beautiful photo of the rock itself. You can clear the information balloon to view the rock by itself. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen you can play music and narration telling how to use the cycling photos to aid in harnessing the healing energy of the rock. I followed along with the narration, and while I’m not sure it held any healing power for me, it did help me relax by taking a break and only concentrating on the music and narration.

I’m a big fan of quotes, and enjoy reading them. The app contains 12 quotes that are intended to inspire greatness from within, each quote can be enjoyed by simply tapping “SEE ANOTHER QUOTE”.

I also enjoyed the Sedona Message poem and video, and the Sedona scenery videos.

While I am not familiar with author Ilchi Lee, the videos featuring him, and the app itself, has made me want to know more about him and his work.


The Call of Sedona Lite is an interesting app that could help the harried user learn more about relaxation, while also learning a little about both Sedona, and themselves.

The videos, and lulling commentary could be a good break in the middle of a harried work day, giving the user that chance to catch up with themselves and downshift for awhile, no matter how short a period of time that may be.

The Call of Sedona Lite is now available as a free dowload in the App Store (Direct Link).

Rating: 3.5/5[rating:3.5]


  • Simple navigation and controls keep things low key.
  • The soothing narration, and beautiful video in the app serve to encourage relaxation and meditation.
  • The app serves as a good introduction to Sedona, and what some believe the area to be all about.


  • The app is basically the same on the iPhone and iPad. Would’ve been nice to have some iPad enhanced touches.
  • In the “When Climbing Bell Rock” video, Ilchi Lee narrates and appears on camera. Unfortunately, there is no English translation or subtitles, so the user can’t enjoy his words.

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