Two-Minute iPhone Passcode Hack Debunked

Two-Minute iPhone Passcode Hack Debunked

Recently, we told you how a Swedish security firm had managed to hack an iPhone’s passcode using their XRY software. However jailbreaking expert Will Strafach, also known as @chronic on Twitter, has explained how this isn’t really possible and why it wouldn’t work in most situations.

As he writes on his blog:

The software from XRY and all similar software utilizes jailbreak exploits to accomplish their task.

They do not use anything special that is “similar to” the exploits used in jailbreak programs; They are simply loading a custom ramdisk by utilizing the publicly available “limera1n” exploit by George Hotz. The ramdisk isn’t even very special.

He also claims that the exploit would not work on Apple’s newer devices, such as the iPhone 4S, the iPad 2, and the new iPad. Strafach also points out that the only reason it took two minutes was because the passcode was 0000. Had a more complicated one been used, it would have taken much longer.