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11 Year-Old Boy Urinates on MacBook Cart, Causes $36,000 in Damage

11 Year-Old Boy Urinates on MacBook Cart, Causes $36,000 in Damage

Extended AppleCare warranties cover a lot of things, but they apparently don’t cover urine damage – at least that’s what a Pennsylvania school district discovered after an 11-year old boy unleashed his bladder on $36,000 worth of MacBooks!

PennLive reports (via MSNBC):

An 11-year-old boy urinated on several MacBook computers on a cart in the Upper Allen Elementary School Wednesday, damaging them beyond repair, according to Upper Allen Twp. police. The loss came to more than $36,000, police said.

Police charged the boy with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief and are turning him over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department.

Not only will AppleCare not cover urine damage (obviously), but it turns our you can’t even pay to have the damages repaired under those circumstances, as the MacBook is then considered to be a biohazard.

It’s an unfortunate turn of events for the school district, to be sure, and I’ve got a feeling that a certain 11-year old boy isn’t going to be very happy with the results either. But what of the MacBooks? Hell, send them my way! Give me a pair of gloves and a face mask, and I’ll fix them up myself!

The moral of the story? If you feel the urge to pee on a computer, you should at least stay away from the MacBooks…



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