Coming Soon: MoneyWiz Budgeting for OS X

Coming Soon: MoneyWiz Budgeting for OS X

London based company SilverWiz began its foray into app design in 2010.  Currently offering iPhone and iPad MoneyWiz apps, a new Mac app is getting final touches and headed to the Mac App Store by month’s end.  MoneyWiz for Mac is an entirely rebuilt desktop app complete with keyboard shortcuts and importing options.

The Basics

After giving the developer preview a test run, I’ve found that the most important aspect of the budgeting platform is cloud syncing.  Utilizing the MoneyWiz servers, syncing data across all operating systems is completely seamless, including personalized payees and categories.  Additional features include detailed reporting, full screen expansion, budget monitoring, bill reminders, and budget notifications.

Having used SilverWiz for iPhone for months, I am excited to see the Mac edition.  It is one of the easiest budgeting, accounting, and personal finance apps on the market.  After spending time on other finance apps, I have happily and completely converted to SilverWiz.  Not only does it offer many customizable options, reminders, and reports, but it is a clean iOS app.  Many competitors have a dry and stodgy user interface, but SilverWiz offers an elegant experience with the computing power.

Get Ready

While a short wait is necessary for the desktop app, pick up MoneyWiz for iPhone ($4.99, App Store) or iPad ($4.99, App Store) and start budgeting in style today.  Keep checking back at MacTrast or follow @silverwiz for updates!  We will have a full review after the official launch.