Google Working On Game Center Clone

Google Working On Game Center Clone

Google is working on a clone of Apple’s incredibly popular Game Center feature on iOS, which allows you to go up against your friends in most games available on the iPhone, Business Insider reports. Google’s software will include an ‘achievement’ system and a leader board just like Game Center with possible Google+ integration, if the source is to be believed.

The source also suggested another area where Google was ‘copying’ Apple: the app payment system. Google is trying to make their Play store work as smoothly as possible to keep up with Apple, and its more complicated system in the past had been a key factor in why Android developers get paid less.

  1. Chocospam1 says:

    i think google and microsoft and all other non Apple brands that are competitors should just f#ck off
    No.1 Apple Fan

  2. Smile it is almost Friday! says:

    Hey Google. Why copy Apples’ most annoying feature?

    If you really want to suck like Appke you can copy iMessage, and opt people into it automatically without asking. Oh, and make sure you choose bubble colors that deliberately mess with colorblind people.

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