How To: Use Your Apple Power Adapter as a Beer Opener

How To: Use Your Apple Power Adapter as a Beer Opener

I’ve collected a fair number of Apple power adapters over the years, for everything from PowerBooks to iPads. I also enjoy drinking beer. It would be fantastic if there was some magical way to link these two things together – and there is! As OS X Daily reader @EvaZebra points out, Apple power adapters actually work extremely well as bottle openers!

Imagine my joy in learning that not only is the iPad power adapter a dual-purpose device, both of those purposes are especially well-suited to my interests! Of course, I wouldn’t actually recommend using your power adapter this way, as AppleCare certainly doesn’t cover “bottle opener” damage.

Still, if you’ve had a few beers, and you mistakenly grab your iPad’s power adapter instead of your bottle opener, things’ll probably work out just fine. Drink Different. Just sayin’…

  1. U.N. Owen says:

    How frakkin’ DESPERATE are you for a beer?

    I’m sure there are lots of nifty things you ‘could’ do with your power adapter, but you shouldn’t.

    Buy a gods-dammed beer-opener, or use the edge of a table, but, promoting your own alcoholism – even in a ‘ha-ha’ way is pathetic.

  2. Demonstr8r says:

    I can open a beer bottle with any of the following: spoon, fork, butter knife, steak knife, nickel, quarter, half dollar, 10 penny nail, 9-volt battery, lacrosse stick, Rubik’s cube, skateboard, tree branch, rock, door knob, edge of counter top, unopened beer bottle, belt buckle, seat belt buckle, sunglasses and shoelace. Now I can add iPad power adapter to the list.

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