Mac Tip: Finder, I’m Lost!

Mac Tip: Finder, I’m Lost!

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How to: Find Your File Or Folder Location In The Finder

Have you ever got lost in The Finder? Perhaps you navigated too far into the file structure and are unsure of where you are. Well rather than going back to your home folder or clicking the back button endlessly you can show the Path Bar.

The Path Bar will show you exactly where you are in your file structure all the way back to the hard drive root directory. By default this feature is turned off. Should you wish to turn it on simply, when in the Finder navigate to View > Show Path Bar as highlighted below:

The result of selecting this option can be seen in the following window:

As you can see I have highlighted the Status Bar which is located at the bottom of the Finder window.

You can double click on any folder on that bar to be taken directly to that folders directory.

This feature is available in all Finder window views which include Icon, List, Column, and Cover Flow.