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New Ultra-Thin Retina Macbook Pros to Launch at WWDC

New Ultra-Thin Retina Macbook Pros to Launch at WWDC

Following a report from earlier today that Apple is preparing to launch a new thinner MacBook Pro with a Retina display, Bloomberg has stepped forward to confirm that that this is indeed the case – and that Apple is planning to release the new MacBooks at Apple’s World-Wide Developer Conference in June.

The updated MacBooks are said to include flash memory (likely a blade SSD, as in current MacBook Airs), which is said to both improve startup time extend total battery life. The fact that Bloomberg is now backing this report is interesting, and tends to cement the accuracy of the report.

From Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. is preparing a new lineup of thinner MacBook laptops running on more powerful chips made by Intel Corp., people with knowledge of the plans said. 

The MacBook Pro machines, to be unveiled at Apple’s annual developers conference starting June 11, also will feature high- definition screens like those on the iPhone and iPad, as well as flash memory to cut startup times and extend battery life, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans haven’t been made public.

MacRumors suggests that this may be a controlled leak from Apple PR. Apple is known to occasionally “leak” such information to the press for a variety of reasons, including to boost anticipation for a release in order to promote a greater number of sales om release dates.

Apple is also widely expected to announce the release date of OS X Mountain Lion at WWDC, as well as provide more information about their next-generation mobile platform, iOS 6.


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