Next-Gen iPhone Coming in September, iPad Mini in August?

Next-Gen iPhone Coming in September, iPad Mini in August?

DigiTimes is at it again, providing a fresh set of rumors about Apple’s forthcoming iPhone and iPad models, claiming that Apple’s next iPhone will arrive in August, and that Apple is planning to release two new iPad models before the end of the year, including a 7-inch iPad in August.

The Claims

According to the report, Pegatron (known to be one of Apple’s manufacturing partners) and Foxconn have begin receiving orders for Apple’s next generation of devices:

Pegatron Technology reportedly has landed orders for a new-generation iPhone to be launched in September and a 10-inch iPad to be launched in the fourth quarter, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers. Pegatron is currently an OEM for the iPhone 4S and new iPad… A 7-inch iPad, which reportedly will be released in August, will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry).

The rumor is just one of many regarding a possible 7-inch version of Apple’s popular tablet, although the more unusual of the claims is in regards to Apple releasing another 10-inch iPad before the end of the year.

The Assessment

  • iPad Mini

Although there have been an abundance of rumors that Apple is working on a smaller version of the iPad, and John Gruber has even seemingly confirmed that Apple has tested such a device, the fact remains that there is still no real reason to think Apple will ever release such a device.

Apple tests many products which they never end up releasing, and considering that the iPad is already selling extremely well, and that Steve Jobs openly expressed his disdain for smaller tablets, it doesn’t seem likely to me that such a device will see the light of day any time soon.

This also chides with previous rumors that Apple may be planning such a device for launch in the third quarter.

  • Next iPhone launching in September
This is the least contestable of DigiTimes’ three claims. Many are already expecting to see a next-gen iPhone released sometime this fall, but considering that Apple released the last iPhone in October, and most users will not be eligible for upgrades – even 1-year early upgrades for customers that pay more per month – it wouldn’t make much sense for Apple to stage a September launch.
Even so, September is only a short skip away from October, and Apple does have a considerable amount of influence with carriers. Still, the report doesn’t provide any compelling reason to think that a September launch is likely.
  • New 10-inch iPad before the end of the year
This is the boldest of the three claims, and also the least likely. Why would Apple release a new generation of the iPad less than a year after the 3rd-gen iPad? They wouldn’t. This simply doesn’t make a bit of sense. It wouldn’t serve any reasonable purpose, and would piss off a lot of customers. As Gruber echoed in response to DigiTimes previous claim of a Q4 2012 iPad release, this is completely made up nonsense. 

In the end, it’s worth taking all Apple rumors skeptically, no matter the source. As for what to expect: nothing is certain until Apple reveals it themselves. Until then, it’s just conjecture – although reasonable and well-based conjecture in some cases.