Report: MS Office for iPad to Launch on November 10

Report: MS Office for iPad to Launch on November 10

Following a report earlier this month that Microsoft Office for iOS would launch in November, The Daily (who first reported that Microsoft was working on Office for iPad) now reports a specific launch date, claiming that Microsoft will launch their mobile Office apps on November 10.

Microsoft will launch Office for iPad on Nov. 10, The Daily has learned. This follows reports earlier this month that a late fall release was likely.

We’ve learned that the development team within Office Mobile finished its work on the project last month, and the efforts of the design group wrapped soon after. The app is  now in the hands of a usability team that appraises software that utilizes the Metro design language for “Metro compliance” and suggests changes as needed. When approved by the team, the app likely will go to Apple for app store approval, which could take a couple of weeks.

BRG noted in their report earlier this month that the screenshots they were shown from Office for iOS were nearly identical to the screenshots originally leaked by The Daily, and the face that the latter is now backing BGR’s claim of a November launch seems to legitimize the rumor.

Of course, leaking a launch date like this could very well cause Microsoft to postpone the launch in order to make the rumors seem less legitimate…