Review: Physics Slots Free HD

Review: Physics Slots Free HD

Craving some simulated gambling for the road?  Satiate your thirst for slot machine madness with the pleasing chorded chorus of Physics Slots Free HD. If simple iOS games are a favorite grab-and-go choice or you appreciate the mundane crunch of a virtual betting button, this may be your favorite free app.

Design and Function

Physics Slots Free HD is one of the simplest games I have played on iOS.  It truly is a whatcha-see-is-whatcha-get app.  The user interface is easy to understand once you are familiar with its function, but at first glance it is slightly confusing.  A series of labeled buttons change anything from the slot machine style to purchasing bet amounts.

As noticed in the pictures below, there is no tabbed navigation, simply a mass of buttons crammed onto one screen.  To the developers credit, the slot machines are easy to operate, and having never played a real slot machine before, I got the hang of it pretty quickly.


“Out of the box,” the user can bet up to 3 times on a x1 bet amount, which means if you strike it big, the payout is limited.  An in-app purchase will unlock x5 and x20 bet amounts to really rake-it-in when you hit 7’s.  In addition to unlocking bets, the user can also pay to remove the iAds and purchase credits.  The game features three different slot machines, a bonus game when “WIN” is achieved, a progressive jackpot, Game Center leader boards, and timed bonuses for gameplay.

Using the term “physics” seems a little stretched.  When I picked up the game, I assumed the user may be able to “shake” the machine to achieve a certain outcome using the accelerometer.  After testing, I cannot verify if any “physics” are actually used to manipulate the gameplay.  Also, the term “HD” typically applies to games that are natively built for the iPad.  While the gameplay in the video below shows an iPad version, Physics Slots Free HD is not a Universal app.

Conclusion [rating: 3/5]

Physics Slots Free HD (free, iTunes Link) is a quick fix game with no particular depth.  After all, it is a slot machine.  If you enjoy playing the slots, then this is a great free option for you; however, the user interface could be more streamlined and I would prefer to purchase the app for $.99 to remove the ads as opposed to buying-out the ads with an in-app purchase.  Physics Slots Free HD needs some refining to achieve greatness, but is a decent free option for the slot lover in everyone.


  • Auto bet – cruise control betting
  • Multiple bet levels
  • Multiplier bonuses (after in-app purchase)
  • 3 different slot machines
  • Bonus games after “WIN”


  • Ad supported, to remove, an in-app purchase must be made
  • Confusing at first glance
  • Still needs some polishing