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RIM Targets Apple With New ‘Wake Up’ Ad Campaign

RIM Targets Apple With New ‘Wake Up’ Ad Campaign

Following the staging of a mock protest at an Australia Apple Store, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has unleashed a new ‘Wake Up” attack ad campaign against Apple. They’ve also launched a new website for their campaign, which features an audio clip explaining why they think you should switch to the BlackBerry.

BGR reports:

The wake up, be bold site states that BlackBerry owners are the type of people who “take action and make things happen.” Taking a shot at Apple’s well-known slogan, RIM goes on to note that BlackBerry users don’t just “think different,” they “do different.”

“It’s a simple choice,” the website continues. “You’re either here to leave your mark and eat opportunity for breakfast or you’re satisfied to just float through life like a cork in the stream.”

Unfortunately, RIM has been floating like a cork for some while now as their marketshare continues to decline, and as business continue to move over to Apple’s iOS platform or Android. Hopefully the new BlackBerry 10 platform will help change that.

At the moment, however, until BlackBerry proves that they still have something serious to offer to users, marketing ploys like this only make them seem desperate. As the campaign itself states, “You’re either in business, or you’re not”. And right now, RIM is not.