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Siegler: iOS 6 to Bring 3rd-Party Siri Support and Siri for iPad, iTunes 11 Nearing Completion

Siegler: iOS 6 to Bring 3rd-Party Siri Support and Siri for iPad, iTunes 11 Nearing Completion

Following recent reports (confirmed by AllThingsD) that Apple is working on their own mapping system for iOS 5, MG Siegler of TechCrunch claims to have heard additional information about iOS 6, which will reportedly be code-named Sundance (continuing Apple’s tradition of using ski resorts as iOS code-names).

In addition to revealing the rumored code name for iOS 6, Siegler also addressed the new mapping system in Apple’s next-gen mobile platform:

First of all, iOS 6, which is expected to be shown off in developer preview form at WWDC in June, is internally codenamed “Sundance”. Second, while Paczkowski’s source said the new maps functionality will “blow your head off”, I’ve been told that’s a bit of hyperbole (you think?). Specifically, while the 3D functionality is cool, it’s also not something people are going to use regularly. Think of it like Google Street View — cool, but how often do you actually use it when compared to the regular Google Maps product? (Having said that, I still expect Apple’s 3D maps to be cooler than Google Street View.)

Siegler’s comments on the new 3D mapping technology make a lot of sense. The 3D maps aren’t the most significant part of the rumor at any rate – the idea that Apple is developing their own mapping system rather than relying on Google Maps is the real story.

The report also discusses Apple’s Siri technology, suggesting that Apple may be working on Siri APIs to allow third-party developers to access the technology and integrate it with their apps. He also suggests that Apple may be working on bring Siri to the iPad.

As a quick aside, while there’s not much other iOS 6 information floating around out there right now, there have been whispers backing up Gruber’s assertion that Siri APIs are another possibility. There have also been whispers about Siri for iPad finally coming. Specifically, I’ve been led to believe it’s more of a UI issue than anything else. After all, Apple is using the technology for the Dictation functionality found on the new iPad. They’ve just been working on what Siri for iPad will look like, I’ve been led to believe.

Siegler ends his report by briefly mentioning that iOS 6 is expected to include new iCloud functionality, and that Apple is getting close to releasing iTunes 11, which is expected to be a major revamp with significant design changes and possible new features.

WWDC is just a few weeks away, and should confirm details like this. Looks like WWDC could be a very exciting event indeed! As always, we’ll provide further information as soon as we hear it,

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