10 Most Wanted Features in iOS 6

10 Most Wanted Features in iOS 6

Next Monday at the big WWDC keynote we should find out all the new features of iOS 6. What features are the “Most Wanted”? Here’s my list for the “Top 10 Most Wanted Features in iOS 6”. (In no particular rank, the numbers are just because I REALLY like Top 10 lists…)

10. Let’s Turn Siri Loose! – Siri works great, and I love using her to set appointments, reminders, timers, and such. But lets turn her loose and really see what she can do. Apple needs to release an API for Siri, so programmers can integrate her into their apps. “Siri, start Tom Tom and navigate me to 1124 N. 7th St.”, “Siri, post the following to Facebook, use my location…” These scenarios and more could be feasible with an more open Siri.

9. Widgets on The Lock Screen – Apple, it’s not going to kill you to loosen up on your iron-fisted control of the lock screen. What’s the harm in allowing the temperature to show on the lock screen? How about letting us set a timer from there, or even an alarm? There is a lot of wasted space available on the lock screen, especially on the new iPad with it’s gorgeous Retina display. While we’re at it, let’s have widgets available on the home screen too. See above reasons why, they apply to that too!

8. Let Users Choose Their Own Default Camera App – Sure, you’re camera app is nice enough, does the basics well. But what if we want to use Camera+ or another camera app in the place of the default app? Why shouldn’t we be able to select an app in the preferences, and have that app start up when we want to take a photo from the lock screen?

7. Data Usage Monitoring – As we know, true unlimited data plans are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Why can’t we set a data threshold, and have the device alert us when we get near that threshold? No more expensive overages on limited plans, No more throttling on the few “unlimited” plans that are still around.

6. Give us Number Keys on the Keyboard – Why don’t we have the number keys in the top row of the virtual keyboard? Switching back and forth like we do now is SUCH a pain in the ass when we’re entering addresses and such. A top row of number keys would make like SO much easier. This one is probably more for the iPad.

5. Easy Services Toggling – Why can’t we turn services like bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc. on and off without going into settings all of the time? Why do we have to dig into 2 or 3 levels of menus to get to these switches? There has to be a better way.

4. Intelligent Wifi – By using location services, the iPhone or iPad should be able to turn on wifi if it knows you’re home, and turn it off so it’s not continually searching for a wifi hotspot when you’re away. If you get to a coffee shop or other location with wifi that you want the device to remember, just turn on the wifi, (see number 5), and add that location to the auto wifi list. Simple, and allows you to keep the wifi turned off to conserve battery power.

3. Multiple Users on the iPad – Please, please, please give this to us! My wife and I each have our own iPad, but many people I know have one iPad with multiple users. iPads are VERY popular with children. How great would it be to know your 5 year old couldn’t access (or delete) and of your important business information and documents that are on the device? Come on Apple, it’s time. Families the size of the Brady Bunch can’t afford an iPad for every member of the family, heck, they could only afford one bathroom for 6 kids! (I don’t count Cousin Oliver from the last season, he was the Scrappy-Do of the Bradys.)

2. Better Maps With Navigation – We’ve all read the reports that Apple will be replacing Google Maps with their own in-house solution, lets go a step farther and include navigation capabilities. I’m tired of having to have a navigation app on my iPhone. It takes up unnecessary storage space, and there’s no real reason not to have a full featured nav app built into the maps.

1. Upgraded Notification Center – Notifications work fine on iOS, but let’s go a few steps farther. Why do we have to go into the app that notified us just to do a dimple reply? why can’t we reply from the notification notice? A simple text entry field and a send button, and we can reply to texts, or other messages from apps.

Well, that’s it. Any or all, or more likely, none of these wishes will come true on Monday. A boy can dream though, can’t he?

What do you want to see in iOS 6? Tell us in the comment area below. We’d love to see what you think should be in the latest and hopefully greatest version of iOS.