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Apple To Introduce ‘Pathways’ Program For Retail Employees

Apple To Introduce ‘Pathways’ Program For Retail Employees

A brand new ‘Pathways’ training initiative was introduced by Apple last night during the quarterly Apple Store meetings, with specific training and Apple career paths at the core of it, 9to5Mac reports.

9to5Mac sums up what it knows so far:

  • This new employee training initiative is called “Pathways.”
  • Upper level management is said to share excitement over the program, and management believes that the program will foster an improved Apple retail experience for both employees and Apple customers
  • The new training program is based around creating an Apple career path for new Apple retail hires
  • New Apple retail hires will be considered to be in on-going training during the entirety of their first year working at Apple retail
  • The program’s logo is a green iOS icon with a path like, curved arrow formation
  • This program affects new and even current employees going through training sessions
  • Pathways focuses on providing three-times the amount of core training. Core training is basically the basics of working in the Apple Store. New employees are taught customer interaction, store features, and about the products.
  • Apple Stores will now have a new employee dedicated to managing Pathways and other training operations

It is unknown whether this was going to happen anyway or if this is a result of John Browett taking over as Senior Retail VP in April, but with his philosophy of focusing on good customer service, it is likely that ‘Pathways’ was at least in part due to him. There aren’t many details about the new program yet, but we’ll update you when we know more.