Giveaway: GLAS.t Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone & iPad!

Giveaway: GLAS.t Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone & iPad!

Great screen protectors are hard to come buy. Most are flimsy plastic films that degrade the quality of a Retina display – but Spigen SPG stands to change all that with their latest screen protector called the GLAS.t – a screen protector made from optical-quality tempered glass!

The idea of a tough screen protector that’s practically invisible when installed, and which doesn’t poo poo your Retina display is a pretty appealing one, I must admit – especially considering the price of a new iPhone or iPad these days!

But I don’t want to just tell you about the GLAS.t. As is tradition when I find a product that truly impresses me (where possible, at least), I’d like to give you the chance to try it yourself! That’s why we’re giving away 5 iPhone GLAS.t screen protectors (worth $28) and two iPad GLAS.t screen protectors (worth $70) to 7 lucky winners!

 How to Enter

So how can you snag one of these ultra-tough screen protectors for free? It’s easy! Just follow @MacTrast on Twitter and tweet the following phrase:

Win a GLAS.t tempered glass screen guard for iPhone or iPad – tough, invisible protection! #MTSGP

Entries are open to anyone and everyone regardless of location (although damage coverage is only available to winners in the U.S. and Canada). The contest is open immediately, and will run until Monday morning at 8 AM MT. Winners will be randomly selected and notified shortly thereafter.

Good luck!