Hands On With The Supposed iPhone 5 Back Cover (Video)

Hands On With The Supposed iPhone 5 Back Cover (Video)

A hands on video has emerged with the supposed iPhone 5 back cover, detailing the significant changes made but also comparing it to the iPhone 4S back cover, Cydia Blog reports.

Made by eTradeSupply, it comes after high res images of the back cover were posted online and after another video with the apparent front panel of the next gen iPhone. What’s more, the back cover shown in the video seems to match up with the one in the photos so they’re not contradictory at all, as rumors often are.

If the part is genuine or is what Apple is planning on using, then it comes with some pretty major changes: screen size, dock connector and headphone jack location are different, while the SIM card slot also seems to be of a different size.

The back cover also seems to indicate that the next gen iPhone will be slightly thinner, but again, it’s worth remembering that it’s not the full iPhone, and the front panel could add one or two millimeters in thickness.

Whatever happens though, this would certainly seem to support the previous rumors of a bigger screen and smaller dock connector.

We will have to wait and see if Apple sticks to its usual October timeframe, but the rumor mill is certainly already hotting up!


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