LG Previews Another Siri Clone – ‘Quick Voice’

LG Previews Another Siri Clone – ‘Quick Voice’

Another Android based iPhone competitor has announced a Siri-like assistant for their phones, as LG announced on Wednesday that they will be releasing “Quick Voice”.


LG on Wednesday announced that it too will bring a Siri competitor to Android devices. Dubbed “Quick Voice,” LG’s solution will launch later this month with somewhat limited functionality. It will only have access to 11 apps including email, phone and calendar, though it will also be able to search the web for weather, stock quotes and other information. Quick Voice will arrive in a software update on the Optimus Vu ”phablet” this month, and will be added to the Optimus LTE 2 in July.

As best as we can tell from the “machine translated” text in the story, LG’s “Quick Voice” will allow the user to perform actions using his or her voice, via the telephone, letters, address book, alarm, and calendar apps, a total of 11 applications in all can be used via voice. I’m particularly intrigued by the operation described as, “The ‘on YouTube Girls I need you,’ he commands, you on YouTube Girls videos at a time can be seen.”

We won’t attempt to translate the “translation” here, but it can be seen on its entirety at the above link.