Mozilla Demos ‘Junior’ Minimalist Browser for iPad

Mozilla Demos ‘Junior’ Minimalist Browser for iPad

There’s no shortage of alternative web browsers for the iPad, but Mozilla aims to take a different approach with a new browser called Junior. Junior aims to create a full-screen browsing experience on the iPad, moving the address bar and buttons out of the iPad’s visual space.

The Verge reports, speaking to Alex Limi of Mozilla:

“We wanted to make something entirely new. We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor,” he said. He goes so far as to deem Safari for iPad “a miserable experience” all the while acknowledging that it remains the best option available in terms of tablet-based browsing. iOS is a platform where Mozilla has yet to make an impact, he admits.

Mobile Safari on the iPad isn’t a bad browsing experience, but it could certainly be better. That being said, most of the third-party browsers for iPad don’t come anywhere close to Safari in terms of functionality. Even so, I’m excited to see what Mozilla comes up with!

The minimalist stance that Mozilla is taking on the project is also especially interesting, especially considering that it intends to make better use of the screen by providing a true full-screen browsing experience. It also supports multiple user accounts – something which none of Apple’s own iPad apps have ever supported!

To learn more, check out Junior on Mozilla’s website! While the browser likely won’t be released for a while, it’s great to see the folks at Mozilla focusing on the iPad!