Prepaid iPhones Headed to Boost Mobile in September?

Prepaid iPhones Headed to Boost Mobile in September?

Following yesterday’s announcement that U.S. carrier Cricket would begin offering prepaid iPhones, Boost Mobile may be the next in line. According to a source speaking to TechnoBuffalo, Boost Mobile will begin offering the iPhone with its own pre-paid plans starting in early September.

Considering that Apple has confirmed that Cricket will indeed begin offering the iPhone, it would make sense for Boost to begin offering the device as well. If true, this suggests the first significant effort for Apple to reach out to pre-paid mobile customers in the U.S.

Extending the hand of friendship to prepaid carriers seems like an excellent idea – Boost and Cricket’s ranges are both currently dominated by Android-based handsets, which would make the iPhone a welcome addition, and help Apple increase their foothold in the U.S. mobile market.

Interestingly, while European carriers have been offering prepaid iPhones for quite some time, this is the first time Apple has officially made pre-paid iPhones available in the States.

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