Review: Kids Mosaic HD – A Fun Puzzle Game For Kids

Review: Kids Mosaic HD – A Fun Puzzle Game For Kids

Right from its launch, the iPad (and iPhone to an extent) have really emerged as great platforms for kids games, and many developers and companies have taken advantage of that, creating fun and simple games, even using separate accessories. It’s a huge category, and one game trying to set itself apart is Kids Mosaic HD, a fun tile arranging app designed to improve you children’s memory and imagination.


Seeing as this is an app for children, the app couldn’t be better. You can’t really get lost navigating it, as you only have two options from the home screen: adventure mode (where you have to place the tiles to create a certain picture) or free mode, where you can use your imagination and create whatever you like.

A slight downside on the layout is that if you tap an arrow at the bottom of the screen, it pulls up other kids apps. I know that you can’t really avoid in app marketing, but if your child knows your iTunes passwords and sees all the other apps it could prove costly, literally.


This is an area which is good but could be improved on. It’s easy to move and switch tiles, everything being very intuitive, something important when it’s destined for children. The background music is also fun, something which is always important with games for children.

There are also plenty of pictures to create (with more to come) in the adventure mode, so you won’t get bored as there will pretty much always be more to do.

However it would be nice to see more than just two modes. An against the clock feature would be nice, so you can time yourself and it would also introduce competitiveness from an early age.


Kids Mosaic HD is a great, simple game that will keep your kids occupied, even if it could be improved regarding the number of game modes available and the sometimes intrusive in app marketing.

Don’t let that dissuade you though, as it is a good app and above all a good way to keep your kids occupied on long journeys and get rid of their boredom.

Rating: 4/5

Price: $0.99 (App Store link)


  • Simple app, not complicated, easy to navigate.
  • Huge number of different pictures to create so your kids won’t get bored.
  • Fun theme tune.


  • Lack of different modes (only two).
  • Sometimes intrusive app marketing (especially if kids are using it).