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WWDC Banner Breakdown Reveals Featured Apps, All iOS Based

WWDC Banner Breakdown Reveals Featured Apps, All iOS Based

Nowadays, every time before an Apple event any invitation or banner is decoded to the maximum level possible, with people trying to draw as many conclusions as they possibly can for it. It happened for the iPad event and now Cocoanetics has broken down the WWDC banner, detailing the apps featured and trying to draw conclusions of what we might see in five days time.

All the big social networking apps are all there, from Facebook to Twitter, and popular games like Cut the Rope and Infinity Blade II also feature, even if Angry Birds didn’t make the banner.

There are 40 recognised apps by my count, and he lists them all in the article, something he was helped with by several people who helped him identify them. Interestingly, no Mac apps feature at all, only iOS.

Clearly the banner has to reflect the conference as whole and not just the keynote, so it probably only emphasises the move towards one universal operating system and won’t mean anything significant regarding what’s announced at the keynote.

Developer Friedrich Markgraf has also put forward his opinion of the significance of the tagline:

It’s a hint at maps, social and productivity. ”where … go to” = maps; “do great things” = productivity. Social is less direct, more implied in that the great ideas gather.

A lot more details regarding the choice of apps themselves can be found in the article, so if you’re interested, definitely take a look. The manic detail some people go into is beyond me, but I definitely admire the effort.


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