Adobe InDesign Users Experiencing Crashes on 2012 Ivy Bridge MacBooks

Adobe InDesign Users Experiencing Crashes on 2012 Ivy Bridge MacBooks

Adobe’s online forum has been filling up with reports from InDesign software users reporting problems with the application crashing since the Ivy Bridge MacBook Pros were released in mid-June.

AppleInsider reports that Adobe InDesign users have been having problems with the application crashing on MacBook Pros running Ivy Bridge processors, and the issue appears to be something that was changed with OS X Lion 10.7.4.

“At this time it appears the update is removing an API we use to control our use of system icons,” Scott Worthington of Adobe technical support writes. “At present the solution appears to be to rollback the update for the software to continue to function as expected.”

That, however, is not an easy option for users of the brand-new models, which ship with 10.7.4 already installed.

Users who have experienced the issue say that inDesign would crash when trying to delete a page with content in it. It has also been reported to occur when packaging a file. Prior to the program crashing, the app attempts to display a warning box, which is blank.

The problem seems to be with both Creative Suite 5 and 6 versions of InDesign.

“We’re taking this issue very seriously,” Worthington said. “I wish we had more to share at this time but I’ll be sure to share what comes down the line from the engineers relating to solutions or any workarounds they can find.”

One user reported they could get InDesign to run properly by restoring their 2012 MacBook back to factory settings, and then avoiding Apple’s MacBook Pro (Mid-2012) Software Update, which includes the OS X 10.7.4 patch.