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How to Change Your Apple ID Email Address

How to Change Your Apple ID Email Address

Most people change their email address from time to time, even though it can be a frustrating process to inform everyone you know of your new email address, update internet accounts, and so forth. Many people will also want to change their Apple ID email address for use with iTunes and other Apple services.

Fortunately, Apple has provided a way to do this for most users. Changing your Apple ID is a simple process – just visit the My Apple ID page, and click on Manage your account. After logging in, click on the “edit” field by your email address, and change away! You’ll also be able to change the name, address, password, and other details of your Apple ID.

Unfortunately, if you signed up for your Apple ID with an Apple .Mac, MobileMe, or iCloud email address, you’re out of luck – for whatever reason, Apple does not allow you to change your sign-in email address if you’re using an email that they have provided.

Maybe one of these days Apple will bring their Apple ID system up to date, and finally start allowing people to merge their accounts and change their email addresses at will. Until then, submitting your complaint to Apple’s iTunes feedback website is all you can do…

  1. Phoenician1 says:

    Apple apparently won’t let you re-use ANY previous communications email addresseses for your Apple ID. The Yahoo address I used for eight years as my contact email for my original Apple ID is off-limits for use as my new Apple ID. Eight years of iTunes receipts and Apple correspondance and tech support are now no longer part of my “new and improved” Apple ID. Very frustrating.

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