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  • Review: AutoPilot – A Fun and Funny Side-Scroller for iOS Devices. (17+)

Review: AutoPilot – A Fun and Funny Side-Scroller for iOS Devices. (17+)

Review: AutoPilot – A Fun and Funny Side-Scroller for iOS Devices. (17+)

Side-scrolling video games have been around for years, dating back to 1980. In recent years, their popularity has decreased somewhat, with the rise of 3D games as the preferred game play style for kids of today.  The iPhone and iPad have helped keep side-scrolled alive, and add a new gyroscopic elements to a classic concept, and AutoPilot is a great example.


AutoPilot (available for free on iPhone & iPad) revolves around Bob, a factory worker on his way home for dinner with his wife.  After his shift, he stopped for a few… “adult beverages” …and is now trying to stumble home before his lovely wife’s patience runs out.

On his trip home, Bob has to keep his balance, avoid getting caught by the policeman, and avoid the temptation to grab a drink from the bars or his buddies on the walk.  Any time Bob has another drink, his balance goes down and drunkenness goes up – reach 100% drunk, and he falls like a tree.


The simple controls of AutoPilot make it easy to learn and fun to play. The device’s accelerometer allows you to turn the device to move Bob forwards or backwards, but touch controls can also be enabled for more restricted gameplay.

AutoPilot includes three difficulty levels, which extend the distance Bob has to travel home, adds more possible temptations for Bob to drink, and (on hard) adds a police office scouting for intoxicated pedestrians.

Verdict: [rating: 4]

While AutoPilot is entertaining in short bursts, only having three levels – yep, each difficulty has only one level –  means that it is not a game you would play for an extended period of time. The silly game concept, mixed with the physical turning of your iDevice, certainly made me feel a little wobbly as I played.  All silliness aside, though, the general “mature” theme of AutoPilot may be reason enough for parents to think twice before letting their little ones find a reason to ask why Bob is always falling down after he drinks.


  • Fun combination of graphics and controls
  • Optional on-screen controls
  • Price (free!)


  • Lack of more levels or expanded story line
  • You get what you pay for

AutoPilot, available on all iOS Devices for free in the App Store.