Review: Max Power Adventures – A Humorous RPG Game for iPhone

Review: Max Power Adventures – A Humorous RPG Game for iPhone

RPG (Role Playing Games) players take their games seriously, but what if the game doesn’t take itself seriously? We’re about to find out, as we sit down to play “Max Power Adventures“, an entertaining game from, of all places, Max Power Studios.


From the game site: “One day, in the beautiful country of Castle Land, the (not so) dreaded Mr. Evil kidnaps the (very) cute and (not so) timid Princess Ceksie! The heroic (but not very modest) Max Power, whose only goal in life is to become a great video game hero (no matter how and at what cost), decides to gather his (rather lame) friends and form a (somewhat dubious) battalion to save the day!”

Your role in the game is to help Max and his friends wage battle against their foes in 15 missions to rescue Princess Ceskie.

I’ve played RPGs in the past, and have always had the attitude of “I can take them or leave them”. It’s not that they aren’t enjoyable, it just that I’m more of an action arcade kind of player. However the humor in Max Power won me over. It’s goofy without being irritating. It’s definitely aimed at the younger demographic, but older players will be able to enjoy it too.

The game introductions sequence is a little lengthy, but does a good job of introducing the characters and such to the new player.

Game play is standard for games such as this. Make your moves with your characters by tapping the character, then tapping a tile to move to. Then you choose to use an item or to attack.

The battles are of the traditional RPG type, enemies on one side, player controlled characters on the other. You can choose an attack or manner of defense for each character during a battle round. What is available depends on the equipment and skills they have obtained up to that point of the game.

The humor in the game continues through out, it actually enhances the game, and many will enjoy it.


If you’re an RPG fan, you’ll probably like this game. The controls are easy to learn and remember. The tutorial is good, and shows a new player how to play the game. The storyline is interesting, and should hold the attention of the player. The game is fun to play, and will provide hours of entertainment.

Price: $2.99 – available now in the App Store (App Link)

Rating: 4/5 [rating:4]


  • Easy to learn.
  • Engaging storyline.
  • The controls are easy to learn, and are responsive.
  • Humor in the game actually makes it more enjoyable.


  • The introductory portion of the game for new players can be a little “long winded”.
  • The graphics could be better, but this doesn’t take away from the gameplay.