Review: Quick Bob – A Unique Variation of Dodgeball for iOS (17+)

Review: Quick Bob – A Unique Variation of Dodgeball for iOS (17+)

Apple’s iOS platform has been a breeding ground for time-consuming games.  Shooters, scrollers, puzzles, and games of speed and quick thinking are a-plenty, and choosing the best can seem overwhelming. Can “Quick Bob” make the cut?


Quick Bob (free in the App Store) brings a blend of speedy reactions and mindless gameplay to your iDevice.  Bob – yes, this Bob – is out for the night at the local gentleman’s club, and has to have quick reflexes to keep up with his surroundings.  You direct Bob’s attention from catching fish whirling through the air, grabbing a beer sliding down the bar, tipping an approaching dancer, or avoiding rogue billiard balls.

The controls for Quick Bob are simple, with four onscreen buttons allowing you to respond to the closest hazard. The basic gameplay options allow for easy, medium, or hard difficulty levels, with a catch – you need 1000 points to unlock the medium or hard levels. Easy mode is very slow-paced and you score one point for each caught fish,  beer grabbed, dancer paid, or ball dodged. If you can’t keep up with the things around, the cops will show up and escort you out, ending the game.

Verdict: [rating: 2.5]

The concept of Quick Bob is fun and it has the makings for a good game. Unfortunately, the pace and time required to pass easy mode and jump into faster paced modes was a big drawback, and may deter some players.  If you’re looking for that quick, fun, easy and free way to kill some time, Quick Bob could be a decent choice.


  • Easy controls
  • Fun concept


  • Pace of Easy mode is too slow
  • Required score for faster paced play modes

Quick Bob, available for free in the iOS App Store