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Saga for iOS Hits the App Store – A Unique Siri-Like ‘Intelligent Companion’

Saga for iOS Hits the App Store – A Unique Siri-Like ‘Intelligent Companion’

As useful as Apple’s Siri can be at times, it’s certainly far from perfect (and still in beta). Even in its infancy, however, Siri has managed to catch the attention of app developers and Apple’s smartphone competitors, and many alternatives to Siri have cropped up.

The latest of these is a new iOS app called Saga – but rather than duplicate Siri’s functions, Saga does something unique, logging away information about places you’ve visited (and your experiences), and suggesting new places for you to go!

Saga’s main draw is that it keeps you informed of places and events that are going on nearby, eventually learning to personalize recommendations for you based on what you normally enjoy. Even better, it does all of this automatically, without requiring check-ins!

Saga ends up looking like a far more social take on some of Siri’s core ideas – and that’s what makes it so interesting! The developers weren’t content with imitating Apple – they wanted to do something more!

The app is currently available by invitation only, which you can request by downloading the free app and following the steps, or by visiting the Saga website. We’ll be fiddling with Saga over the coming days, and will let you know what we think! A full list of features can be found below:

With Saga, you can:

✓ Automatically record where you’ve gone and how you got there — all without you having to check-in.
✓ Learn more about your daily routine, commuting patterns, and personal habits.
✓ Find out what’s nearby — and when there’s something going on that you should pay attention to.
✓ Get great personalized recommendations, based on what’s hot — and what you’re normally down for.
✓ Discover more about the world around you, including the top places, events, and activities in your area.
✓ Keep track of how you’ve spent your time with insightful infographics and interesting factoids. 
✓ Measure the quality of your week with Saga’s Experience Points (XP). Saga awards XP for each awesome thing you do, whether you’re out having an exciting night out on the town or spending a lazy weekend at home.
✓ Share your discoveries with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare.

Your Saga is your own. Make it a good one. Download Saga for free today.