What’s in Woz’s Backpack?

What’s in Woz’s Backpack?

There used to be a Saturday morning cartoon character named Felix the Cat. Felix had an amazing bag of tricks. Whatever he needed for the situation at hand, Felix could reach into his bag of tricks and there he’d find it. Steve Wozniak is the modern day Felix. Let’s look into his bag, or backpack of tricks.

Wozniak explains to Gizmodo:

“You might think this is abnormal for me but, to the contrary, it’s customary. Every extension cord and USB adapter and USB cable shown here I carry all the time in my backpack with a few exceptions”

Every device shown above, Wozniak carries in his pockets, or in his backpack all the time except for 2 iPhones, an iPod nano and an iPad. They all belong to his wife Janet.

There are a lot more things in Wozniak’s backpack, including:

The AirPort Express and MacBook Pro 85W magsafe adapter, which are out of sight in the above photo, bluetooth mouse, binoculars, projector connectors, multiple Gameboy Lights (a Gameboy sold in Japan but never in the U.S.), Gameboy link cables, plenty of foreign AC adapters, prism glasses for watching movies in bed, sunglasses, earplugs for concerts, Ultimate Ears UE18 earplugs for flights, Gameboy link cable, tons of pencils for pencil games on flights, tons of pens, tons of sharpies, tons of paint pens (signing), red-blue-purple-yellow-green laser pointers, credit cards, hotel cards, airline cards, hard rock card, medical cards, small accessories like olloclip iPhone lens adapter, Square, flash keys, flash media adapters, cigarette lighter dual USB adapter, audio doubler cable, iPad USB/SD Card adapters, toiletries for hotels, batteries of many types (AA, AAA, CR2, CR128, odder types for things like my bag beeper for locating my suitcase) eyedrops, $2 bill pads, pencil puzzles, itineraries for upcoming travel…

(That may have been the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever typed… OK, ever copied and pasted.)

Wozniak says that the TSA can take a long time unpacking his backpack. A few times they’ve asked him to take out everything electronic, and it took seven bins. All of that was ran through the x-ray machine, and then had to be repacked.

While this would seem to be overkill, even to the most avid gadget junkie, Wozniak claims he uses everything in the backpack regularly. OK, maybe the Bluetooth mouse doesn’t get used that much.

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