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Amazon Blocks Jailbroken iPads From Using Its Instant Video App

Amazon Blocks Jailbroken iPads From Using Its Instant Video App

Following the launch of Amazon’s Instant Video App yesterday, it has been confirmed today that it will not work on jailbroken iPads, The Verge reports. An attempt was made to install it on iOS 5.1.1 running Cydia¬† and when it didn’t work, Amazon were contacted and confirmed the incompatibility.

Hello xxxxx,

I’m sorry that the Amazon Instant Video service isn’t yet working on your iPad.

The service is absolutely available to you. What we’re finding is that this specific error is popping up for folks whose iPads have any kind of jailbreak installed. A jailbreak is a program installed on your device that lets you do stuff not necessarily supported by the manufacturer. For example, if Apple blocks access to fictional service provider Orange you can add a thing that gets around that block.

If you do not believe their device to be jailbroken, please see if you have any of the following apps installed on your iPad:

  • “APT”
  • “Cydia”
  • “Installer” (“Installer App” is okay, but just “Installer” is another version of the first, “APT”.)

The presence of any of these indicates a jailbreak, and our service won’t work. From the error message that you provided, it appears your device has been jail-broken. We are unable to provide any troubleshooting for your device.

You will need to contact the site or person where you received the jail-break for your device.

It’s not yet clear what is causing the jailbreak to interfere with the app, but usually video streaming apps have trouble with Cydia-enabled devices.

This is probably above all a reminder to jailbreak at your own risk and live with the consequences. Some stuff might not work once you’ve finished.


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