Amazon Releases Instant Video App for iPad

Amazon Releases Instant Video App for iPad

Amazon has released an iPad app for its Instant Video service, which allows you to rent and buy movies and televisions shows, and also access its streaming  Netflix competitor, Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The app release follows closely on the heels of Amazon’s update of their cloud player, which now includes iTunes Match-like features.

With the app, users can download purchased and rented movies and television shows for offline viewing. If they are Amazon Prime members, they can access the streaming Prime Instant Video library, which gives them access to over 120,000 videos. Your viewing point in the movie is tracked, so you can resume watching your video at the same point on other supported devices.

Users can also subscribe to a TV season pass by ordering it from, and the episodes will automatically become available on the iPad as soon as they are released.

I downloaded the app to my iPad and gave it a try. I am a Amazon Prime member, so I selected a movie from the Prime Instant Video library to try it out. I selected “Mean Girls”, (don’t judge me!), and the movie started quickly and streamed beautifully. I was able to jump back and forth to and from different locations, with just a few seconds delay before streaming resumed. The video was sharp with no pixelization.

I haven’t used Amazon’s video service much, as my only options previously were to watch on my Mac, or on my Tivo. With the iPad app, I’ll be making use of my Prime membership much more often.

The app is available free for the iPad in the App Store. (Direct Link)

The app is not yet available for the iPhone.

Amazon Prime is available for $79/year and in addition to the free movie streaming service, also offers free Kindle ebooks, and discounted overnight shipping or free two-day shipping on many items on