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Apple Competitors Vie to Have the Best “Pre-Game” Show for Apple’s September 12th Event

Apple Competitors Vie to Have the Best “Pre-Game” Show for Apple’s September 12th Event

Reports of the September 12 Apple event started going around late last month. And while Apple itself hasn’t confirmed the date, their competitors apparently believe it enough to look up from their copying machines and scream, “OH CRAP!”


In the last three weeks, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Amazon have all announced press events scheduled for the first week of September…

Yup, looks like everyone wants to get their moment in the limelight before the 300 pound gorilla comes into the room. (Did I mix enough metaphors?) Everybody and their brother has a new device they want to show off before Apple grabs the spotlight.

Here’s the lineup for the preliminaries leading up to the main event on September 12th:

Samsung – Earlier this month, Samsung sent out invitations for its big “Unpacked” event on August 29th. They’ll be unveiling their Galaxy Note 2, the second iteration of its popular “phablet.”

Sounds like Samsung “phans” will be needing to visit their tailor to have even bigger pockets sowed on to their trendy pants!

Nokia – Nokia and Microsoft are doing the couple party thing, getting together on August 15th, to entertain everyone, kind of like playing Charades at the Super Bowl party to keep everyone occupied until the game begins.

It will take place in New York City on September 5th. Microsoft is pushing Windows Phone 8 right now, so it’s a safe bet that Nokia will be showing off some new WP8 handsets (or maybe a tablet).

A 50/50 probability? Microsoft will announce right after the event that the new WP8 handsets will NOT be compatible with Windows Phone 9, which comes out two days later.

Motorola – Continuing the preliminaries until the title fight,  Motorola has announced its own New York City event on September 5th. Rumor are it’s going to unveil its new flagship handset, the Droid RAZR HD.

No word as of yet on the release date for the “Droid RAZR StarTAC DynaTAC Rokr (No, not the Rokr…) HD” device.

Amazon – The company that for one bright shining moment had the most popular small tablet around, this morning sent out media invitations for its press event, scheduled for September 6 in Santa Monica, California.

Amazon will certainly have some new Kindle tablets to show off, but everything else is up to speculation. Kindle Phone? Kindle Phablet?

All of the events above were scheduled after word of Apple’s 9/12 event got out, coincidence? Not so much!