Apple Releases PRODUCT(RED) iPhone Bumper

Apple Releases PRODUCT(RED) iPhone Bumper

After having supported the PRODUCT(RED) scheme for a while through sales of a special iPod nano, Apple has furthered its aid to the AIDS charity by releasing a RED bumper for iPhone 4/4S.

The bumper, which costs $29 like all the others, ships in 4-6 business days and is a great way to make a charitable effort as an Apple fan. Part of the profit will go to fight AIDS in Africa, so if you’re looking for a new bumper/case, this could be a good choice.

The official description:

Dress up your iPhone with an iPhone 4 Bumper. Choose one of six colors or (PRODUCT) RED and slip it around the edge of your iPhone. With metal buttons for volume and power, two-tone colors, and a combination of rubber and molded plastic, Bumpers add a touch of style to any iPhone 4S or iPhone 4.

Your can get one via the Apple Online Store here.

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